At beautiful blog we are advocates for living in the Now moments and it occurred to me that since we discuss it quite often here perhaps we should delve deeper into the meaning and how transformative it can be throughout your life to LIVE in the moments of now. It has come to my attention that catch all phrases such as just “live in the moment” “let it go and be here now” have become ubiquitous in our society, however how many of us are really doing this?
What level of discipline is needed to achieve this?

Self discipline that encourages you to take an alignment inhale for focus on clarity of perception. Followed by the exhale to release the overactive portion of an emotional response. The self discipline that shows up as maturity gained by discernment. Discernment that is the result of compassion, forgiveness and release with one’s self initially. Then gets blended into how we response to those outside of ourselves. This discernment is called the benefit of wisdom and acting wisely.

Living in the now asks us to be courageous because we are not living in the past with experiences from the past to dictate how this present interaction will go. Being active in the display of our power to choose alignment with divine truth not subjective truth. This causes our affinity to align with false beliefs to be challenged when we choose to give right now an opportunity to happen. To support right now to happen without terms and conditions and limitations of the past. Only because we are beginning to recognize that this moment we’ve walked into albeit similar to a past moment can be about something different. If we stay committed to living with this openness to experience all the benefits of this day minus imposed limitations this similar moment can teach us the lesson they previous moment could not.

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  1. “The self discipline that shows up as maturity gained by discernment.”

    This. Yes. And thank you. I’ll sleep tonight with this in my heart, mindfully offering a namaste to the moment. This moment. The now. And yes, I need to remember to exhale…. sending kind, loving light with peace.

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