Preparing for…

We have been working on bringing our awareness to our conscious living. As we often state and move as to prepare ourselves for what lies ahead. Realizing that the Divine truth of preparing for anything rests in the maximum use of our now.

It has been interesting and humorous looking at what we prepare for.Some of what we’ve noticed has been:
a) Preparing for a rainy day. Putting money aside for the leaner times to come.
This is of particular interest as it aligns with the thinking of lack, thereby attracting lack into the upcoming experience.

b) Preparing the plethora of alternate endings for one situation. Also referred to as plan B/C/D – Z.
This was funny because we came to the understand that we were really preparing for all the possible ways this one desired situation could fall short of our desire. These lavishly detailed alternate endings set the images for attracting failure. So after all that elaborate planning we see the disappointment and say “I don’t know why these things happen to me.” As if we didn’t just spend all this time creating thorough images for insuring the undermining of our desired experience.

Well when you say it like that…it seems down right ridiculous what we do. But you first have to see it, right?
So the question then becomes… what are we preparing for exactly? I am either preparing for success and holding that image until the end. Or I say I am planning for success and having no confidence in what I speak plan for failure by having all these alternate endings. We will have to shift our perspective to Divine Truth. If that is too much of a stretch then start with having a Word unto yourself. Let your word be sufficient. Have a vision of you completing a task until the end. You have to believe what you say. Hold fast to that vision of completing the task.

There is always more then one way to do things. We are looking to be in the Now moment and not be disappointed when plans seemingly “don’t work out.” If you don’t get so disgruntled because plans have changed you can learn from the lessons that are presenting themselves.
Instead of hoarding the money for a rainy day which is coming from a place of lack what if you renamed your accounts to embrace the essence of the life that you desire to live? A few names we can up with are ‘Abundant and prosperous living account!’ and ‘My Freedom fund!’ Can you feel the difference?

An option for correcting example b is holding fast to what it is that you desire. And then keeping the fact in front of you that if it is for you then that is what you will experience. Be allowing and hold fast to that vision that is for your highest good. If a plan changes that even leaves you open to experience something that is coming that is even better because it is Divinely set aside for you.

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