Last year on the Lions Gate (Aug. 8th) 🦁I was sitting by the water when the sky turned into this amazing mash up of light and dark/ impending storm and calm. Through my eyes it represented the physical power of the Now moment. We spend so much time either being distracted by past events or surmising what is to come in the future we miss out on so many opportunities to live in the rich bounty of the moment. As we have now entered the energies of this year’s lions gate I was reminded of this image and of the power we can wield if we live life in each moment. Could you benefit from centering yourself in the now through taking more oxygen into your body? Are your thoughts filled with worry about what looks like the potential of an impending “storm” or are you able to bring yourself back into the breath of the now and remind yourself that you have a choice in each moment of how to show up for yourself. If you are worrying about what has come before or is yet to come, how are you going to show up in the present? We have the opportunity to fully participate in each moment of our lives, however it takes committed conviction to stay grounded in the moment instead of letting the multitude of distractions pull our focus out of the now. Are you willing to look with expectancy towards the wonders that await you in the adventures that are yet to come in the now?

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