It has been a long time since I found my way to the page. The hesitancy and resistance is real for me and I pray that one day soon the resistance will be lifted from me, because the irony is I KNOW that my destiny is tied to writing, but I stand in SO much judgement of my writing that it allows me to stay perpetually suspended in a state of separation from my writing. As though it is not a part of me.
Which then led to me thinking about resistance and judgement and how it works as a mechanism of separation. The more resistance and judgement one holds within them the easier it is to think it is all about “them” and not “us”. Which is why on a personal level we see in the present and through the past tragedies that have befallen societies. If you look at another and do not think we are “one” then you are able to stand outside of treating them fair or caring about them or finding justice for them.
This is one of the many reasons why this society has become so unkind to one another. People are beyond rude on the streets, driving, speaking to one another, acting towards each other, bullying between children and adults. The lists goes on and on. Instead of dwelling in this space of negativity let’s lift ourselves up out of it and recommit on a moment to moment basis to living from a space of unity. I know how difficult it can be at times when all of those around you seem to be coming from such a different place, but as we all know if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem. When we forget about this unity or when the person next to you gets on your nerves and you have a visceral reaction to them -pause- take a moment before reacting and remember that even if we are on different wavelengths of understanding or perception we are still ONE. My prayer for each of us is to be able to find the space to remember we are one.

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