New moon
On this new moon in Leo I have been thinking about what type of soil that I am working with in my inner landscape. Is it rich and good soil that is ready to produce and yield a great harvest or is it rocky and hard to navigate in some places so that the seeds that are being planted will have a difficult time taking root? When it is the new moon the energy lends itself to seeding our intentions that align with the particular sign that the new moon is currently in. This moon lends itself to following the path that is showing up for you step by step as you release what you thought it “should” look like or who you wanted to be on it with you and take the next step that is making itself available to you and that feels right after checking in with yourself. What themes have been coming up for you? Words, songs, discussions that have been repeating themselves in seemingly not connected places in your life and your day. What threads can you pull that are asking to be recognized that will lead you to seed an intention that aligns with that which is waiting to be discovered within you.

“I now release the gold‐mine within me. I am linked with an endless golden stream of prosperity which comes to me under grace in perfect ways.” -Florence Shinn

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