It has been a while since our last post. Although we have been steady with our prayer calls the writing stirred in the pause space. It feels nice to return to this sharing of thoughts and practices.

Using the tools afforded us by the universe in the pasting of the two full moons in October. One in Scorpio where, if we were present, were walked into an opportunity of addressing or confronting underlying inner issues. The other full moon in Taurus offered grounded unexpectedness and gifts that surprises come with. Gifts like opportunity to see something from another perspective thereby respond in a different manner. This full moon also supported our remembrance of those who came before us and increase interactions with laughter. It also supported use of including appreciation for these moments that speak to release/ releasing.

On our daily prayer calls we are and have been working on ownership. Ownership of self, self worth, thoughts generated and held, ownership of expectations and from whom are these acknowledged expectations aimed towards… and is it feasible to expect this from those outside of ourselves. We have been and are working on deliberately aligning our acknowledged expectations no to come from God based on the reckless, non-quantifying, unconditional, unyielding, non-discriminatory love of God. Which let me tell you when put in application while going through a “right now” moment can be a test of wills…LOL needing committed conviction! It has not been always easy but it has been easeful in the outcome and relieving. Taking ownership of our thoughts and how we generate the thought is apart of displaying our innate power. While working on ownership this shows up repeatedly in the ability to participate in the right now and expectations-our expectancy- chimes in.

Working on owning our ownership has brought about clarity of focus, quelling of fears although in some cases not completely but see a great reduction from where we once were. It has also supported the release of old habits and patterns regarding thoughts and deeds which spoke to lack of being present in the now. As we continue to participate in moving forward in living in the now focused on ownership we hope you will join in these refreshing waters.

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