Taking ownership

Taking ownership can seem like a large thing to embark upon. Taking ownership of how we participate in the lives we are living. What does that boil down to when actively living…it looks like being aware of the thoughts we are generating and holding on to. Well then what about these thoughts we’re generating and holding? Do these thoughts have the validation of our subjective experiences and support of our self counseling? Are we aware of our divine right to be here right now; to be protected; to be safe; to be provided for; to exist ?

In coming into the truth that at the base of your being is the divine understanding “ I HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE HERE” we are challenged in holding this non-subjective basic truth. It is needful…essential to bringing our expectations into the experiences we unfold. Done with the opening of the perception that we are in existence to uncover, learn and live.

Moving in this sphere of open and adventurous curiosity will support our use of compassion towards ourselves without putrid condemnation. This use of compassion supports an opening to participating in the allowing Divine Love into our thoughts words and deeds. The same Divine Love supports the power innately assigned to us to be. Having the experience with self compassion supports more openness in broadening perspective perception and schema. Thereby permitting us to take further steps toward looking at our word – thought alignment with greater clarity supporting ownership. Ownership of our words that are magnetic; ownership of our thoughts that are magnetic which pair up with our actions as we acknowledge our ownership rights.

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