We are officially one month into this 2021 year. Tumultuous changes and so many opportunities to redirect the chaos of tumult. Doesn’t this sound immediately correct???

Tumultuous change creates many opportunities for redirection that aligns with living fuller lives?!

Tumultuous change…YES… creates many opportunities for redirection that aligns with living fuller lives. Please stay open. Let’s walk through an example.

Be open to the fact that hurt goes deep in areas of oppression because it brings false images of scarcity without the hope of a break through. Be open to the gem that in that same space if you are daring enough to image and focus on an image defying those affirmed practices and images of oppression- you have just changed the trajectory of your upcoming experience. Be open to the repetitive nature of willfully holding this image that will bring you to confronting every emotion, every fear around shattering the lies built up around you, every fostered thought you align with regarding oppression. Be open to the destruction of how you relate and participate with oppression NOW in the new space of holding this image of truth. The image of your true nature that acknowledges you as both a creator and a destroyer based on the content of your inner view. That is your image held and repeated…held and expected… held and released into a magnetizing Universe. A magnetizing universe that brings the desire…your desire into your natural experience. All because YOU stayed open🎉🔥❤️!

Healing comes, wealth comes, perfect expression of self comes and unconditional love comes…just give yourself permission to be open.

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