Today we share our actual work… work that came from the heart in the look and feel of a psalm. What is a psalm?

A psalm is an intimate monologue one has with God about the life they are experiencing in the now moment. It can be a prayer, a poem or a song. They showcase the individual’s heart and mindset.

On the Beautiful Blog prayer call we are doing readings from the Bible during this Lenten season. Each day the read ends with a meditation. Sunday’s meditation was to write a psalm after reflective prayer supporting a request of deliverance. This psalm could be for the person or for someone else.

We having different perceptions and perspectives found request for deliverance can look and read in different ways. Much like how one piece of art or one song can evoke different feelings or reactions among different people.
We participated in speaking from the heart while remembering where our support comes from. Even though the journey into the heart is personal the theme of deliverance is general. Perhaps you resonate with one of the shared psalms from our heart. Perhaps you create a psalm of your own heart and share.

This is our first share.
Here is our second share.
This is our last share. We hope you have enjoyed this sharing of psalms from our hearts.

May the peace that passes all understanding and grace be intertwined in your day.

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