Are there steps???

The statement “Let it go” is a trigger for me! This is what I heard being said to me over and over again by various people. “What does that even mean???? Let it go. Or Release it?!!”

With these statements shared it also needs to be shared that cycles you’d like to get out of ….require the person in them to release or let go. Release or let go of the pattern. Patterns of behavior, patterns of thought, patterns of perspective all of which align with the living and repetition of the cycle.

The steps of letting go can be challenging. What if there are steps to support the statements: “Let it go” “Release it.”

We will be sharing some tools to support the practicable steps for releasing / letting go. These tools are to be used repeatedly to support yourself in times of emotional locking down, perspective limiting, thoughts heavily saturated with despair, harm, anguish…

Bring yourself into a place to take an exaggerated inhale filling your lungs up to where you feel they will burst. Now hold it for a count of 5 as you self talk these words “I can move through this” Letting the words act as a count: I -1; can-2; move-3; through-4; this-5. Release the breath slowly through your nostrils

Increase the vibrational energies in your surroundings by listening to music that enlivens you makes you smile and or move around yes like dance

Consume organic raw greens from any variety mixed greens, half&half, greens&herb mix, dandelion greens, arugula.

Including chlorophyll into the diet supports cleaning out of the cells and the release of toxins. Supports healthy biochemistry and waste removal.

If you are able to envision things…. then see yourself standing and clear iridescent light flowing from above you going straight into the top of your head to the soles of your feet then into the core of the Earth. Then this light comes back up from the core and into your soles up to your navel circles around to cause a warm glowing within your lower abdomen up to your stomach the light goes up and comes out of your heart spaces radiating God’s iridescent light 360 degrees around you with streams of emerald light flowing in and out of the this circle of healing light. Stay there until you feel a lifting of your heart and your emotions lighten and your mind clears and your skin relaxes. You can see yourself giving thanks for the release thanks for the shift thanks for the increase in your vitality and calm. As the light travels up to the top of your head and returns to God in flurries of butterflies light droplets. We give thanks.

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