I know. …???

Talking to different people about various topics I hear the statement “I know.”

“I know”as a part of the discussion where we are sharing thoughts based on the practices lived. “I know”…based on sharing empathetic feelings. “I know”…coming from frustration of being told information already heard. “I know”… coming from the shutting down an unwanted dialogue.

I often wonder why we use “I know” so often but more fascinated by the use of this statement as an affirming statement. Affirming the person is aligned with putting information received in rotation while living. However I know for myself that more often this is not the case.

“I know” as I have been considering what it means when I disperse it so freely while stating my knowledge…my knowing…my putting into rotation the information that sometimes is NOT in rotation with my living. It is information I have heard and received but have not implemented thoroughly into my practices.

My knowing…Knowledge being the combination of information received and put into practicable use. I realize that sometimes the truth is I do not know looking at this from a stand point of implementing practices. Although the “I know” seems appropriate in context it is inaccurate in living with integrity. So I have stepped away from letting “I know” roll off my tongue and drip off my beautiful lips so oft. I have been participating in active alignment with the power tools of my words. I hear information and that which I gather and hold I look to put into rotation more thoroughly. Therefore putting confidence thru being in integrity with the “I know” I speak. Now I am reinforcing harmonious blending of my word + my action. Giving myself permission to

Increase my believing in me

Increase in my belief in what I speak

Increase in my belief and confidence in the authority I possess without the unbalancing effects of ego and pride

Increase in the efficacy and efficiency of my living in the expansiveness of the power through proper use of my word + my word alignment

😏🧐You know?💋

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