Support for the easeful acceptance of the gifted energy

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Everyone processes differently. We have the understanding some of us are feeling pulled apart and want to run. However running from lessons and healing does not make it gone. So we heard the request for prayer. Prayer for easeful integration. Prayer for not being afraid of the shadows that are being shown to us.

Mother/Father God you hear the prayer request before you from all different places where they are coming through in regards to acknowledging the power of the universe. Being in alignment with the universe as a tool for humanity assisting us on this shifting that has happened already and is going to continue, absolutely thank you more please. We are asking for support in our societal community that we not be afraid of the things that come up from the shadows. These things that will and have been coming up out of the shadows that belong to us as individuals and also collectively. These shadows are our own. We are not supposed to fearful of ourselves in such a way that we suspend movement and progress. We would like a shifting in our viewership of our dynamic selves. Allowing ourselves to expect growth despite the fear and without the paralysis of movement with progress. So we ask for strength to summon courage and move with boldness as we use of the violet flame to transmute all that is not in alignment with our ask. Supporting the courage that is necessary to see that the shadows comes up for a reason….. for thoroughness in healing💗 We give thanks for this awesome Scorpio full moon, bringing up the shadows. Bringing things into the consciousness, because we cannot address what we do not see. We cannot address what you do not acknowledge. We will not address what we do not value. So the shadows of past events show up and we give thanks. Thank you God more please! Thank you God that we are choosing to be clear in our expectation that we are healed and whole. We give thanks in advance that we go through the process with the Love of God. Allowing the love of God to be with us as we go into the shadows. Bringing in the light of God’s radiant love to make things clear. Thank you God for supplying us with what we ask or something even better ; in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit


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