I see.

Everywhere I go I take me with me. That is true and it is also odd to write then read. It is helpful to allow sight to show what is being done inwardly as outward demonstrations are made. Places we go may change but we – our way of seeing will play a large role in how we participate with the places we go; whether physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual places. So let’s just ask…

How are you seeing? How are you using your sight?

Do you use the right and left eyeballs to take in images? Do you use both eyeballs and include your brain? Or are you using the left eye, the right eye, the third eye and powerful mindset found in the mind?👁👁👁🧠

In your perception how is vision supported? Could it be you resonate with the left and right eyeball for seeing so that these questions asked to provoke thought of uncovering are pointless?

Do you align with the biological comprehension that you use the left eyeball, the right eyeball, cerebrum and occipital lobe of the brain to see…to visualize? Then perhaps the question is answered by the biological science minus spiritual components. Thereby rendering the other questions asked to support a deeper look into how we see… how we move… why we demonstrate the way we do… something of a moot point.

However you may support affirm and align with the fact that for you… sight – your sight is dependent on the third eye, the left eye, the right eye, hippocampus, basal ganglia, white matter and frontal cortex together. Supporting the images highly charged and held in the subconscious allowed in the conscious and initiated by the super conscious. All and all effortlessly moving in a synergistic interlude providing clarity of form, function,and purpose. Gifting you the ability to see clearly your movement and understand how you are demonstrating (acting/ responding) outwardly. Now perhaps those earlier asked questions would serve you well in going deeper into your visual and softening to braiding in perception and perspective for increase of sight.

Oh the many places we will go when we choose to SEE more fully….using all the tools that support clarity of sight.

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