Blood Moon… what’s the relevance?

This lunar eclipse is also known as a Blood Moon. Ok so! Well it comes with a powerful force of draw to RELEASE………..🫀 🧠 🌌 In case the diagrams threw you release from all areas heart mind and support from the universe (a tool of plenty) Thank you God more please💋🎉🎊🎁

On this day of a full moon lunar eclipse we have the opportunity to harness the energy of what we would no longer like to be with and release it. This can come through in many forms. Habits, patterns, ways of being to name a few. Where are you in this moment in your life? How have you evolved over the past six months when we had the last eclipse on December 14th 2020? What is asking you to be released? Are there worn out ways of being that no longer align with where you desire to move forward in your life? This lunation is quite powerful and the effects will be felt for the next six months. This eclipse also harkens back to larger Astro cycles that are coming to a close from 2002 and 2012. There are stories from our lives at these choice points in our lives that are asking to be looked at as they are coming to a close. What will you take with you on the next part of your journey and what are you ready, willing and allowing to release?

Give yourself permission to feel what is coming up for you during these next few days. Allow the emotions to move through you as you bring awareness to the emotions, observe them and then release them.

Take a walk in the grass, sit by the water, move your body in ways it would like to be moved. This lunation is also very somatic meaning you may feel a lot in the body bringing your attention to different parts of yourself that need some TLC and are looking to be heard, felt and seen as is your inner child.

Allow yourself to bring aspects of play and fun into your moments to lighten the mood and raise the vibration if heavier energies present themselves. Remind yourself to breathe and as you are breathing invite more openness and curiosity into the space within you.

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