More tools…how can these support me?

New moon Solar eclipse
This week we approach the new moon solar eclipse on Thursday 💫 and today we enter into the dark phase of the moon.🌚 In this rich space of the dark moon ask yourself where you are with releasing that which you intended to let go of during the lunar full moon eclipse that occurred on 5/26.

Are there deeper levels of rigid beliefs, outdated patterning and any other behaviors that are asking to be looked at for further release? Has resistance come up around releasing the heavy dense energies that you have been carrying? Perhaps there are blocks that you were not conscious of holding on to that have now been revealed as you have dug a little deeper. This is an opportunity to use the tool of the releasing breaths that we had discussed previously. Breathing in through the nose, holding the breath for a few counts and releasing the breath out through the mouth. Take a walk barefoot in the grass, look at the sky and the beauty of the trees and breathe. Allow yourself to receive all the beauty that is around you at every moment when you slow down to breathe and nourish your cells and your inner organs allowing them to support you in the way they were intended to.

The dark moon is a fertile time for inner growth if we allow it to be. Keep in mind in the darkness of the earthly soil the seed takes root so it can blossom🌱🌸. Too many times in our society the “dark” is labeled as something negative when in fact the darkness is needful for rest and rejuvenation.

Allow yourself to be brought back into this moment and really tune into where you are in time and space because a whole lot of Newness is right around the corner as it will be the theme later this week with the new moon solar eclipse. Stay ready as new thoughts, new waves of emotions, new patterns of thinking, new people, new paradigm shifts (just to name a few 🤩😉) will be ushered into our lives. The picture and direction of our lives will be heading into a new direction after this eclipse.

There can also be sudden endings, changes, shifts and pivots that you are asked to make with a moments notice. The abrupt and often times suddenness of an eclipse asks us to have presence in the now moments so we are awake to that which we are being asked and move in a way that comes from a place of clarity. The newness has arrived, ready or not, now it is a matter of asking yourself will you embrace the changes with grace ☀️💗 or resist them.

We are hopeful that you will give yourself the gift of exploration while going inward to uncover that which is asking for your attention and INtention. 🌹💋

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