Where are we with these gifts given?

Where are we at?

To say that there have been a lot of powerful Astro happenings lately would be quite an understatement. Our view of astrology at Beautiful blog Is that it is one of the many tools that the Divine has gifted us on our earthly journey to be used as support, thought provoking change agents, aligned with actionable steps and guidance that can be used as guide posts along our way. That which occurs in the cosmos has direct effects on the life we are living on this earthly plane if we choose to pay attention. “As above, so below.”

Tuning into the planetary shifts is one of the limitless ways that the Divine has gifted us to feel into where we are in the passage of “time.” As the days, weeks, months and years occur we can begin to see patterns within ourselves and our lives that align with the zodiac cycles. Reminding us that we are always interconnected one to another and to the wider scope of the universal cosmos. The concentric circles of the cycles can lend themselves to clarifying pieces to a puzzle that may seem out of focus until the next piece has been put into place and then the picture becomes clearer.

A few days ago we had two holidays occur in the U.S. that were in celebration of the Divine Masculine. Father’s Day and the Summer Solstice occurring on the same day was a grand honoring of the Solar King in all of his glory, protective force and majesty. Celebrating the masculine’s true essence of honesty, integrity, power, action and nobleness. It gave us a moment to allow the light of the longest day to illuminate where we are with the relationships we have with the masculine beings in our lives. Perhaps we saw them through a lens that was more compassionate and loving then we ever have before. And maybe we also saw that there were ways that we would like to be more open and receptive to the love they show us, as we look to be less resistance and more flexible as we walk through this life.

This also is applicable to ourselves as energies of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine live within all of us regardless of which gender you are presenting as in this lifetime (chosen or by birth). With the potent energies of the solstice still around us this is a powerful time to see where we are out of balance with the energies that we are relying on us within us. Are we leaning too heavily in one direction and out of alignment with what our bodies need physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually? As we move into the energies of the Full moon in Capricorn on the 24th this is a great time to rest, recharge and restore.

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