Giving out Flowers

It is wonderful when we actively participate in celebrating those in our lives. Remembering how their words or quiet presence gave us support. Sparked another reason to reaffirm your own ability to be to have to continue just through their being available to sit with….speak with… with….laugh with….sigh with….be still with💗💎

It is also awesome when we can have appreciation for those in our lives that caused us to experience hardship. The experience even if encountered through a lens not associated with appreciation at that time could be viewed with appreciation now for what you discovered you tapped into while in the throes of it…… Discovered by way of meeting aspects of your own power to will your win using commitment to releasing…commitment to increase in perspective broadening in perception and entertaining thoughts of “There is SOMETHING MORE than this” awaiting me!

Seeing the struggle or hardship support you in finding out more about your inner committed conviction to thrive to be bolder than any hardship💎❤️‍🩹

Realizing that you choose to actively participate in a love that is by human definition reckless illogical never ending always seeking you until you are FOUND

You choose a love that first choose you. A love that supports you getting through while you fly higher each full breath you take.

Making it possible for a beautiful healthy healing self love that mimics the first love.

I present to you a love letter from one of our Beautiful Blog members❤️🙏🏾

“A letter to me from me on cultivating self love and healing old wounds. I now recognize how much time I spent not being present for you…how much time I spent on building my career and business. I was there with you, but I wasn’t REALLY there. I would be thinking about the work I wasn’t doing and feeling guilty whenever I wasn’t “busy doing…..”. It all comes down to my self worth. Questioning if I am enough…. If I had something to show for it , would you feel that I am enough? I realize it wasn’t about you, it was about what I thought of myself deep down inside. I was questioning my worth this whole time and wanting to prove myself to everyone else. I wrongly believed that my worth was tied to my independence from anyone else! I wrongly believed “needing” others devalued me. I was wrong about who I Am…. Now I realize that it doesn’t matter how successful my business is if I don’t have YOU , my health and sanity. All the success doesn’t matter if I don’t have YOU to enjoy it with. I need YOU. I really want to do this with YOU. Let’s grow from this experience. Let’s do things differently. Let’s see what happens when we open up to the possibility of what this could be. YOU are my best friend, my partner, my lover. And I thank YOU that I am now allowing myself to receive Divine support and welcoming Divine partnership for me💕”

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