Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day!

This day has come to a close and we are reminded of the horrific conditions that led to this day of celebration. Under the rigid and inhumane work schedule including child labor in our early America norm… a parade of workers took to the streets of Manhattan where Labor Day parade was first held. Without their wages for the day the workers protested through acknowledgment of their worth celebrating their own value to the larger picture!

“We should repurpose this holiday to celebrate ourselves because as women we are always laboring, on the Frontline and behind the scenes,up to and including going into Labor. Yea Us!!!” The words of Ms.Crooks read above offered for this day as an acknowledgment of how hard we women toil for the fiber of community, country and matters of priority.

We ought to celebrate ourselves because of the mere fact that we are here in the world working to become clearer on our presentation and deliberate self expression using verbiage which aligns to that purpose. As a moving body of individuals uncovering more of our essential spiritual being and enjoying this exchange… we can and should be open to celebrate ourselves – women…..men as works in progress🎉🥰 Yea Us!!!🥰🎊💗

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