Outgrowing Trauma Pt.1🌱🌱🌱

As trauma is something that impacts the lives of all of us here in human form either directly or abstractly. We have taken a stance to uncover practical spiritual healing actions for the entire being we are. Deliberately exchanging trauma strongholds for the healing process that continues in seen and unseen places within us. Beautiful Blog will be hosting a 3 week workshop to uncover the places trauma resides with a heavy supportive use of healing practices. We will share more details about this 3 week commitment to healing the roots of trauma in upcoming posts.

Welcome to our two part blog entry on outgrowing trauma.

Trauma that has been passed down through generations, shame, chronic stress and overwhelm to our nervous systems over long periods of time can have us believing in a multitude of false beliefs that can become so engrained within ourselves and our daily lives that we become blinded to Truth. We learn to hide our true selves away because it was not safe when we attempted to allow another to see our true essence. Survival mechanisms become our habitual forms of salvation and self preservation, long after the “threat” real or perceived of the original trauma has passed. This further locks in the lies that trauma has us believing that we are unworthy, unloveable and “too much”. Trauma can rob us of being present to our own lives, to our own selves and to the ones we love and who love us.

As I continue my own personal journey of coming up out of years of running from conflict and confrontation of any kind and perpetually disconnecting from the body I can see more clearly how the tendrils of complex ptsd can still tug at me during moments where I feel unsafe. For days I have been attempting to put this post together and in real time I have been witnessing and observing myself trying to run by distracting myself when the rawness of what I am writing about becomes “too much”. My awareness has been brought to how confusion still tries to set in when my nervous system feels threatened by what I am writing. When I feel too exposed, too vulnerable and threatened by being truly seen. This also occurred recently when a conversation touched too close to a raw space within me that I have protected for a number of decades and in a split second I tapped out. I was physically still in the space, but otherwise I had jumped out of my heart, closed the door and was tucked back into the “safety” of my mind and “rational/linear” thought. I became closed down and distant as the walls went up around my heart in an effort to protect myself. The difference is that now I am committed to my healing process with committed conviction. So I took responsibility for how I reacted and was feeling and used my tools to regulate my nervous system, called on the Law of Forgiveness, called in compassion for myself and then addressed what had transpired with clear language to the person I had been speaking to.

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  1. Dear Beautiful Blog friends – please hold a spot for me in the 3 week workshop. Last Wednesday, it was a chance to reflect on my BORNday in 1971. The birth experience for a newborn baby is the first traumatic experience … there’s generational stuff and there’s childhood stuff… it’s been hiding and taking up space in me… the Angels have kept watch over me so I’m still here… it’ll help me to share and hold space for all of us. Sending loving light

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