Outgrowing Trauma pt 2

Healing is a non-linear process that leads you down a path that can be unseen except for the next step in front of you. Oftentimes it is not pretty as you unwind and unravel from the chronic pain, suffering, sorrow and lies that you have ingested. The reality of the healing process can have profoundly different aspects ranging along the spectrum from joy to tumultuousness. Through our work with Beautiful blog and our daily prayer call I have chosen to incorporate the love of God into my healing which means the process will be thorough as in no stone will be left unturned. If you were under the false belief that you were β€œdone” with some portion of the healing πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ you will surely find yourself in countless situations that resemble that which you have experienced before to see 🧐🧐🧐 where you are at with that particular portion of your healing. And calls you to go ever deeper into the healing. The opportunities will be plentiful to provide you experiences one after the other that will assist, support, encourage, stretch and illuminate where you may still be imbalanced in different aspects of your life and within yourself. It can be exhausting and feel overwhelming when you feel as though you are making real progress and then in one moment you have moved back into an old behavior and/or habit that takes you out or your heart space and gets you stuck in your head. The difference is now that you have been living more and more in a space of expansion and growth these moments can feel so jarring because they are SO opposite of how you are living more and more of your moments. These are the moments that we are challenged the most in activating our tools to assist us in the moment of need. We are offered the choice (yes, we always have a choice because of our free will) to recommit to debunking false truths, lies we have ingested about ourselves and continue deconstructing the structures we have built around us that once may have been necessary for survival, but no longer serve us.

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