Is this a real thing???

Good day All,

After more than five years I returned to my deceased father’s residence to permit the selling of it. I had been outright against this at the time of his leaving until the start of the pandemic. Today I went with the lead to allow the forward movement of releasing. I did. I allowed myself to be and to heed those intuitive leads.

The realtor whose postcard had been in my bag since 2019 is the postcard that fell on the closet floor. So she was the one I reached out to. As it goes with being led and being obedient the realtor was open to meeting and available right away. We are now the calendar for a meet and see of Daddy’s place.

Before driving to Daddy’s place all the things in my scheduled events shifted….. everything! It was as if I was being fast tracked to this appointment with the realtor. I allowed myself to not be resistant and stay flexible to a better than expected outcome for each thing I was involved in. Just Obey Beautiful (J.O.B.)💗🪖✔️. I was practicing J.O.B. and it was showing me the benefits of what being open to intuitive leads for the purpose of heeding can do.

The realtor was professional and thorough. She just had her father transition. She shared and we came non mushy support to each other. Offered compassion with strength because it was needed. I realized more deeply in that moment how REAL the allowance by being open to receive what is for your best and highest good is. Before I closed up the place a lockbox was on the door of Daddy’s place. I had the greatest easeful experience getting a key made and in the lockbox. My sisters and I had the paperwork signed and emailed to the agent in 24 hours. All I did was allow the guidance that was already around me to support me. Support me as I finally gave myself permission to receive the intuitive and then ACT on the leads I received without creating an open doubt session. This is a REAL thing?????

Yes this is a real thing. I am grateful to be available for being open to what I have already and to receive from that infinite inner knowing. It took years for me to be thoroughly accepting of the earthly loss without feeling like I lost. At that exact moment of completion I received guidance. The market for Daddy’s place is now at it’s highest ever. It all happened with ease but only after I continued to work on my healing ❤️‍🩹 the releasing of finite to allow the infinite ✨to gain access to me. I understand on a deeper level the power of allowing intuitive guidance is REAL and must be permitted.💗🤩🪖💕💋

One reply to “Is this a real thing???

  1. The blogs are very inspiring and beautiful. It is very easy to put youself into them and follow along. I felt moved and a part of being guided towards betterment.
    Thank you and blessings.

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