My habit is like an addiction???!🙉🙈🙊😳

I was making a batch of the regenerative cream for Verde4u. Harmoniously blending key butters and oils to support the needs of the skin. That is done now it is time to add the base into the featured melted down ingredients. The mixing begins and stays for quite sometime until the color is uniform and a thick luxurious crème emerges. Winter is now a reason to lavishly adorn the skin with this nourishing treatment designed to reaffirm skin’s prized position 💕👏🏿. Wait… wait…wait a minute 🤨

What is this is my creating bowl! The luxurious thick crème is a golden colored liquid of lotion consistency! How ??? What happened here? Over fifteen years worth of knowledge making this luxe crème and what is this… how is it — lotion? I reflect on the new parts I integrated into the formula. No that is not it. The base I choose👀😳… it was the base! Now this is a lotion in winter the season that promotes luxe crème usage🙈😫. 😤🛑 Get yourself together …… fight for IT…. regain your calm allow yourself a moment of clarity😓. I have to shift my focus before I go down like a disco clown 🤡 into getting troubled then thrown off about this lotion not being in my preferred thick luxe crème state.😶

I take some of this not luxe crème into my bathroom. Leaving it uncovered to see if the exposure will thicken it up 🧐. The consistency looked to thickened however the lotion was still lotion🥺. Now as I was repeating my fixation on my luxe crème not being in crème form not being available to experience the truth that the moisturizer is wonderful.

The lotion was wonderful in its ability to absorb into the skin while wet. Making it ideal for treatment. The lotion is something I made of the highest quality of ingredients so the nourishment to the skin would be the same as the thicker version. Although I was able to hold this idea for fleeting moments the idea couldn’t take root because I was fixated on my habitual thick crème. 🙄 Uggghhh! I sat on the heated tile floor of my bathroom shaking my head and played the entire interaction over to check myself out!

I was and continued to be fixed on the vision of old how the crème looked… how the crème before this batch is! I continued to doubt the effectiveness of this accidental lotion only and always because it was not like to batch before it ! My fixation had become my short circuit and all I could focus on was the lotion not being the crème. All the while using it receiving the benefits of the crème but staying fixed on being disappointed because of the form.

At this point I am laying on the heated tiles and I realize I am smiling gently. So I sit up and then I blurt out “I am an addict! 😱I am addicted to the way this luxe moisturizer presents. What????!” I busted out laughing 😂 😅😂😅 “OMGosh!!!!!! Get yourself together… I almost discarded a perfectly awesome moisturizer all and only because it didn’t present the way our luxe crème usually present even when change of base is needed. “ Finally I stood up and looked at myself in the mirror and was able to be grateful for the break in the norm; for the accident that may bring a new product into the Verde4U spa; grateful for not allowing myself to go through this and get to the other side💗😌.

Addiction is not only for chemical substance users or gamblers but for anyone that is fixed on anything that would make the thought… make the vision… make the gesture of doing something different from the limit of that fixed item that fixed belief that fixed viewing — that anything straying from it seems ALL BAD or not worth the experience thereby a waste of time energy talent and being. 🤯🙈WOW! I am now supporting myself in going deeper in my being flexible and open to the experiences I have. Being supported by the truth that what is divinely for me and my best and highest good is just that for me. Therefore I will not willingly be an addict of the fixed images I hold that may need expanding✨🥰🎊😍💣💣💣💣💣💣

That is all I came to share for now💕.

Going through to get to the other side takes commitment and conviction💕💋

One reply to “My habit is like an addiction???!🙉🙈🙊😳

  1. Firstly I LOVE YOU and I love this reflection on a slice of life. Reminds me of a quote by Thich Naht Hanh:

    “For things to reveal themselves to us, we need to be ready to abandon our views about them.”

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