Today’s Palindrome

2/22/22 or 22222 reads the same forward and backwards. As if that is not special enough it has spiritual meaning🥳😌💕🤓🤓. From a numerology stand point we have the 2 representing harmony, cooperation, relationship and love. The 22 would be the Master number. In numerology this master number represents the courageous powerful, intelligent,charismatic, insightful Master Builder. While 2/22 or 222 represents positive thoughts, clarity, spiritual growth and expansion all things that are supported in the use of personal creativity.

From an Angel Number perspective 22222 symbolizes believing in your ability to succeed, having unwavering confidence, thinking positively, and trusting in God💋 🥳🤩🥰. This resonates with harmonious interactions with you with you and you with others. There is a stability that comes from aligning with increased trust in God which shows up in the actions and illuminated in the verbiage used.

Today’s palindrome is powerful in its vibration for aligning with and supporting images as well as, the considering of images you would like to have in your human experience (those that are for your highest good). The powerhouse date brings in energies that encourage positive thoughts that can impress your subconscious and make those images deliverable goods🤩🥳🤓. (Of course I am praying we don’t only come through with working on increasing our trust in God that connects to our inner being today only but other days as well.😇)

Nicely put 2/22/22 is a loving way to encourage all of us children of the most high that we are seen; we are heard; it is all possible and the deliverables are on their way if you haven’t already begun to receive them. A reminder that God does not forget and our role is to hold fast to that tenant of truth.

One reply to “Today’s Palindrome

  1. Healing energy and loving light as I’m reminded to surrender. To sit still and ask the angels and light beings for protection. To kindly request that the energies that don’t serve our highest good are gently removed — the trauma and hooks to our past that don’t uplift us, are sent away … lesson learned. I am receiving what I need, NOT what I want … learning and grateful to hear and reflect with your post Beautiful Blog — loving hugs on this auspicious Twos day — in parts of India, every Tuesday is dedicated to Lord Hanuman (God of Strength, he’s got the whole world in 1 hand)…

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