…A H@&$ of a Thing

Going through this Lenten season has been a for real eye opener. My fast was based on perception and alignment with things less than what is for my best and highest good. The past twenty nine days have been a SERIOUS eye opener .. I mean no hold’s barred. If any of you are familiar with the preacher of Ecclesiastes that sees vanity in all things you’ll get my joke… I felt like I was like the preacher everywhere I looked; every conversation I held in some way showed up with the item I chose to go without. 😂😊🧐🤪🤓🧐

I found myself hearing and recalling a clip of Rick James during an interview speaking about his thoughts regarding his experiences. The clip that kept repeating was “Cocaine is a hell of a drug…” In that space I resonated with the sentiment from the gut that this thing- whatever it is is a HELL of a thing! For me the cocaine is lack. Lack is a HELL of a drug!(Period). In the very way it can skillfully place itself into all aspects of living to various degrees of intensity. Insidious in every since of its definition:

Definition 1a: having a gradual and cumulative effect : SUBTLE//the insidious pressures of modern life of a disease 1b: developing so gradually as to be well established before becoming apparent

2a: awaiting a chance to entrap :TREACHEROUS. 2b: harmful but enticing : SEDUCTIVE (www.Merriam-Webster.com)

So to assist myself in being bold to act in concert with the love of God 💖 the word of God ✨🎉that believes in my ability to shift ✨🛡✨my perception perspective and schema to the fullest; I received these words.

I cast the burden to speak lack, think lack, imagine lack, align with lack on the Christ within and I go free to experience the Infinite Abundance that has already been planned for me

I cast the burden of lack my presentation of lack my anticipation of lack my determination to see lack to perceive lack on the Christ within and I go free to experience the Infinite Abundance that is rightfully mine because 💕I am made to interact with Infinite Abundance during this lifetime. 💕As I am a perfect idea in Divine Mind 💗I demand my success and prosperity from this Infinite Intelligence. From that fact that Infinite Abundance has already been assigned to me I choose now to receive it more enthusiastically, 🥳deliberately🤓, graciously. 🥰I go free to imagine from this place of Infinite Abundance to draw from this Infinite Abundance I am made to interact with.💖

These guided words have been a big support of me remembering what and who I am in the love God. They are created a sense of focus and boldness to reject lack in all its form. I share them because I pray these words support you also. Stay encouraged and allow yourself to be loved on through your own walk.

One reply to “…A H@&$ of a Thing

  1. Ooooooooo mercy!!! Preach. Resonating!!

    Sharing … NEW MOON energy. Self-love is a not a destination — it’s a practice. Take action to bring what works into your life, let go of what doesn’t. Use this courageous New Moon to pivot towards healthy habits and making peace with old wounds that will serve not only us but the greater community.

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