My invitation

In this space and time of needing more tangible markers aligning with the willingness to know “I am Divinely protected and supported” I ask the question what am I releasing to make room for receiving this inner confidence of knowing?

Noticing however gently that I am responsible for the resonance I feel to being Divinely protected and supported. Noticing that I am in charge of how deep my receiving this inner knowing goes as I practice participating in the presence of the present. Noticing I am the authority of what I choose to receive resonance with and release.

Bringing myself encouragement to act with admission of my power to choose to receive images, words and vibrations that coincide with being responsible. Being responsible for how connected I am to the presence of presently being in the peace of the love of God for me. Being aligned with allowing this reception to take place fostering a bond I invite myself to experience deliberately. Bringing a moment of satisfaction to me that my acknowledgment of power in the present to align with allowing just extended to me for the invitation I extended to me.

In this space I realize at this moment “Yes. I am Divinely protected and supported.” I resonate with being responsible for my inner desire to feel and know “I am Divinely protected and supported.” Through my invitation to me to explore deliberately what I see, imagine, speak ,align with agreeing to and with…I am responsible to accept my invitation to have the experience of inner knowing found in the love of God for me 🪞mirrored by me.

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