Healing is a process❤️‍🩹

Where are you ,whole truth wise, in the commitment to ❤️‍🩹 healing? Is the thoroughness healing leans into limited by the need to control the access to hurt? Where is the acceptable stopping point when healing is longer welcomed?

My reason for opening with these questions is to first : promote genuine thought about your personal relationship with healing; second: to ask whether or not thoroughness is aligned with your understanding of healing🤔.

As I continue to come in contact with issues surrounding the theme of healing I thought it maybe helpful to share some points of consideration. Coming from a place where for me it costs toooooooo much not to go through the healing process entirely on every level necessary. I say on every level necessary because the healing happens on levels: emotional, psychological, energetic, physical, vibrational and spiritually. From this vantage point I will share.

The process of healing is meant to work with us on dismantling the shortness of vision (perception and perspective) regarding the area where hurt was acquired. If we play cut off 🛑 with the healing process we align with lingering fragments that will become more deeply rooted. These fragments that are now rooted produce the fruits of brokenness and skewed vision (perception and perspective). These fruits of brokenness rob us in overt ways and covert ways and spread their seeds that bear fruit in yet other areas of our lives. This is when I say it costs too much not to heal thoroughly. Albeit a constant work in progress— it is done through repetition. Repetition of “I am here to heal through all of this.” affirms commitment to healing process with conviction.

Here are some words of suggestion to soak into while supporting committed conviction to the process of healing ❤️‍🩹 :

I am worthy of the richness this life has to offer me.

Healing thoroughly does apply to me as I am made able by God.

It is my birthright to heal as I accept responsibility for my right now actions to support my healing in every way.

I align with the healing graces and mercy extended to me as I choose to trust God more than the fear of moving forward past the experienced hurt.

May the peace that surpasses all human understanding be upon you as you come to allow alignment with those things that are for your best and highest good to be apart of what you experience❤️‍🩹💗💖🌺.

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