Perhaps we don’t contribute to inner dying.

“Our lives begins to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Dr.Martin Luther King Jr.

In so many ways this applies to each individual in the intimate settings of our lives. Looking at this from an introspective perspective…. How many moments have we intimately silenced our voice from being heard aloud to someone we have in our intimate circle? Perhaps I bring up a question of even greater importance. How many times have we muted, silenced, abruptly shut down our inner voice from speaking up for our very own healing process? 😏🧐😳🤫🫣🫢🙄

From the vantage point of being our best advocates for all things that speak to change and changing to support substitutions aligned with healing. We have to remember that moments absolutely matter 💯🙏🏾. Now if you require a mindfulness check in a moment is defined as the time of one breath to the next breath. This can be supportive, if we permit it to be, an invitation to accept our power to act on behalf of our healing. Healing towards our bringing inner peace into our living experience thru the acknowledgement that application of our inner voice will support our right to express the healing ❤️‍🩹 process. The expression of healing as an inner light to open up and get to the root of the offense, violation, irritation, pain and discomfort. Where the stagnation of the inner voice that speaks toward the TRUTH that “I am made for MORE than this hurt that limits me now.” Dr.Claudia L. Harris

In the gentle and repeat action of letting the inner voice that resonates with the TRUTH of the love that is unconditional and steady for all unwilling and all willing individuals we can accept and embrace our voice. This embrace of the voice will stem the dying that is not necessary for you and I within ourselves. So as you are engaging in doing your activities kindly consider your own voice and allow it a place in your awakening to a fuller life experience in the upcoming moment.

Enjoy the possibility of your day🔥❤️‍🩹😍.

One reply to “Perhaps we don’t contribute to inner dying.

  1. This is very true disappointments are always prevailing, but one should never give up on hope. We have come a long way and as people we must continue on. Our fight has never nor will never end. Power.


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