Willful Ignorance ???

Willful ignorance? Is that like omission because I would like to not deal with a situation? Willful ignorance, as in I am aware that I do not have information and I do not seek to gain access to the information? …

Willful ignorance is a technique to avoid. It is a choice made by the power you have to decide how to present yourself in a moment or over time. Over time through repeat partnering with willful ignorance it will rob you of being present in the now of the day. It may have come into the mix of how to be as an immediate response to a situation that was undesired. In that space, it is important to remember the reaction choice to “dummy-up” and go into the uncovering of “Why was this my choice of action?”

Asking this reflective question with the pointed focus of being truthful about the reason is a choice made by the power you have. Acknowledging your power is helpful in disbanding from the use of willful ignorance as a life practice. Using the realization that “I make choices because I have the ability to demonstrate the authority of my power.” brings acknowledgement to what role you are facilitating healthy expansion or bound limitation. Whatever the results of the response point to is alright because acknowledgment is the key 🔐.

After there is acknowledgment then you can use your power to demonstrate the authority you have to choose healthy ways of being. This is done repeatedly and will begin to show in your body your mind and energy as “being more at ease”. The consistency at which this occurs, of course, is based on your willingness to accept 🫣 there will be/maybe discomfort in situations but you do not have to shrink into being less than who you are created to be🔥❤️‍🩹🥰 to heal through them now.

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