Possibilities for Increasing My Stock

Is it alright to be interested in how I am loving on myself ?

Would it be acceptable if I gave myself permission to love myself through mistakes BIG and small?

How timelessly wonderful will my emulation of God’s love towards myself be on any day ….. everyday?

What could I put an end to by loving me where I am 🧐 to allow for growth that is coupled with compassion not excuses?

Could my repeated use of unconditional love towards me set me up for the increase of my own self worth and valuation during my intimate self talk sessions?

Consider this:

The love first shared with humans was God’s love. The next love to be shown was to be self love which when applied and practiced would set us up to love generously others. Loving others that would then spread out to be the love shown in acts of compassion and without apology towards humankind.

🧐 🤓 😌 😍 ☺️ 🤩

Imagine that! Imagine if we gave those words shared above permission and space to be considered and acted upon. Beginning this action through our considering. Inviting ourselves to practice this unconditional love with ourselves because this is where meaningful lasting shifts happen. Allowing this practice to become a healthy life expanding habit giving us room to release those things contrary to this upgrade in our inner landscape. Increasing the valuation of our stock supporting increase use of our voice to share and inquire about things of interest to us. Deliberate in our presentation and lovingly engaging in the awareness of our now moment.

“Out of the sacred space within spring forth colors that shine throughout.” Dr.Claudia Harris

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