Healing with growth

Focusing on healing in all aspects of by personal, shared and professional life roles is a deep dive into committed conviction. It can render me vulnerable to presentation I perceive to be a challenge to an old belief and behavior landscape. How I challenge myself to confront the discomfort is to enter present to the truth “I have a choice.”

I have a choice. I have a choice to make. This choice I make will do one of two things:

1) support the belief and behaviors of old and give deeper supportive nourishment to them


2) disrupt the patterns and belief system of old by doing the different thing I have not done before right now.

First let me highlight thee acknowledgment that I have a choice. 🎊🎉🍾🥳 Now let’s go further, I have a choice to make❤️‍🩹🥁🥳👏🏿 This early acknowledgment is an inward demonstration of me utilizing my power and recognizing I have authority❤️‍🩹💋.

Confronting the situation presented to me as a lesson that is looking to offer the opportunity to do something different in the now. Thereby dismantling the subjective truth or outright false narrative I have participated in for however long. Showing up as evidence (should I choose choice number 2 from above) to the luxury of now as a healing gift 🎁 ❤️‍🩹 supportive of my prosperous growth. Evidence that can align me with shifting the burden of believing for less and having less than I am made able to hold in my own life experiences.

The act of making the choice to do that which is abnormal, based upon my previous held norm will give raise to my softening into the more that’s always been for me to experience. Repeated choices that cause me to step into the now without aligning and assigning old patterns of justified behavior to be my state of flow. Here lies the definition of “Healing with growth”. Deliberately engaging myself to be encouraged in the luxurious now. Showing up in my newly acknowledged power and opportunity to have the more. Whatever the more specifically presents 🎁 me with:

a) more opportunities to interact with those I have said “I need to do better with corresponding.”

b) more clarity with which to recognize “I have a choice in this situation not to perpetuate myself in this light.”

c) more interest in interacting with forgiveness thru compassion and not excuses thru disregarding power.❤️‍🩹

Again, whatever way the presentations arrive I will honor my right to heal as I grow into the fullness of myself. Reminding me of the truth that I have the ability and the responsibility to make a choice. As I continue to make the choice in my right now moment to heal successfully, I demonstrate my committed conviction. The repetition of this action aligns my entire being into a softening that continues to share awesome blessings with me.

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