…and what we practice???

Reading something (whether repeated or once), hearing something (repeated or once) dare I include the consideration of something (repeatedly or once) does not mean it is known by me. It does mean I am familiar with the information. I have heard it before. I have read it before. I may have even considered it before. However the gold is in the practical usage of these read, heard and considered things.

In the interest of being accessible to the fullness this life has to offer I must be flexible enough to support practicing things read/heard/considered, if I see them as a value. Considering is actually a wonderful first step to aligning myself to do more with what I have within me. Although considering alone will not DO the practice of whatever it is I am considering. Reading and or hearing things I find to be of value without implementing only serve to be items next up for 👻 forgetting about.

The beautiful part of this truth telling creates honest awareness of what I am choosing to partake in. Whether I choose to refresh my practical use of things read or heard to then commit to the practice of these measures. Here is the beginning and middle of starting anew with inclusion of things read/ heard/ considered. Repeating the practice to give space for ways of being that expresses growth in my filling out. My living into the fullness of life as I practice information discovered. This is when I can say “I know.”.💗🎊💖🎉🍾🥳🥰

This continuous movement from external informational influence to internal information that influenced my repeated actions – growth. Supportive of greater clarity increased healing and filling out of my being. Being able, being agile, being available, being flexible, being valued, being worthy, being enough💖💗❤️‍🩹🙏🏾🎊.

Now I practice use of my power dominion authority and inner peace with acts of committed conviction to implement information given / discovered. Giving myself permission to live a full life. Life is an adventure that offers a fullness to support generously giving and generously receiving. This is what the May event of Beautiful Blog will sponsor and spotlight. Practical use of information that connects us to the other parts of our being and supportive methods of this shifting as a steady space of being. Perhaps we will see you there in person or thru Zoom🥳🥰💗.

One reply to “…and what we practice???

  1. Wisdom tells me I am nothing. Love tells me I am everything. And between the two my life flows.

    – Nisargadatta Maharaj


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