I am a Masterpiece.

When is this statement truth? Now truth is TRUTH; all the time, anytime, every time, this moment, future moments…. Divine Truth. However subjective truth is based on conditions. Conditions are subject to change therefore the subjective truth will likewise be subject to change.

Our perception perspective and schema are conditions that are subject to change. We can have a diminishing outlook based on the perception perspective and schema that will show us the evidence of our shrinkage in life experiences we have. We can soften to permit and allow broadening of perception perspective and schema to show us a deeper accessible reality constructs.

Subjective truths can be viewed as a starting space by which we all get acquainted with where we are in the moment. This can lead us to next order of thoughts to consider: “Is there more to this than where I am with it?” “ Can I increase this to extend in other areas of my life?” (if the subjective truth is an enjoyable one to you) “ Does this truth hold true in other situations, in different environments, in different emotional states?”

As the next order of thoughts are permitted to advance and you bring your awareness to the answering of those questions you begin on the quiet walk of allowing the truth to be seen by you💭👀💗💭🧘🏾‍♀️. What you will come to experience is your thought will spark a curiosity within you about you. This will then advance to include other thoughtful considerations that produce a softening putting you in touch with your heart which will lead you to your right mind. Your right mind lead my a softening heart will support your consideration with a thought to include the truth that is timeless. At that moment you have allowed your alignment with truth (Divine Truth) to be utilized in your life. It is a subtle happening that sponsors repetition and acknowledgement.

I Am A Masterpiece.

When this statement is truth, not subjective truth just the truth is when you include the truth in the why or how.

The statement:
I am a Masterpiece💖
The action: Say it. Think it. Put it on repeat.
When: Now🥳
The reason: God made you in God’s likeness and image. There is the truth not subjective truth, just the truth.💖🙏🏾. Use it repeatedly and enjoy the shifts.

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