Am I welcomed?

Have you taken a look at how welcoming you are to others in your circle? How you will seek to engage them and check on their needs being met? How often do you do these exact same things for yourself?

Do you engage yourself in healing processes to uplift inspire and renew yourself? Are these things you consider and then put down for the elusive later? Or my favorite do you begin them- these self love, self care , self awareness practices and abandon them all when the next event for someone outside of you shows up?

My simple suggestion to you and reminder to myself is to stay committed to yourself. Even in the smallest ways, doing those things you don’t consider a big deal with yourself for the habitual healing practice of having you time 🧘🏾‍♀️restoring you time. In this conviction to commit to allowing yourself the opportunity to reconnect with yourself within; you will ground yourself to foundational love 💗 that is unconditional. This will support softening into less judgement of self , less guilt of self, less shame of self, less confusion and more love for self , right where you are. 🤩 It will take time but with each act of engagement you become more welcoming with yourself so excuses do not hamper your awareness where you’d create a story for the rejecting of your responsibility. You are welcoming yourself to explore more of the options afforded you with ease. That is a wonderful thing to live into💖.

You are living into your power and choosing to embrace more about yourself. This in it self is empowering and needs no excuses to be made. You are welcoming yourself to be one with you and that means you are doing better with acknowledging your wholeness. As this becomes your reality you experience fuller expressions of your freedom. Displaying more patience, compassion and forgiveness of you with you. Welcoming the foundational unconditional love you have access to emulating towards yourself.

❤️‍🩹🎊Welcome 🎊💗


One reply to “Am I welcomed?

  1. As we approach a powerful FULL MOON energy — retreat over this upcoming SPRING BREAK — this is resonating dear beautiful blog behenji — doing those things you don’t consider a big deal with yourself for the habitual healing practice of having you time – restoring you time.  Namaskaar.

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