Prayer for steady progress

I am beginning to go deeper in being a whole person, acknowledging by carnal and spiritual aspect together.

I am opening to softening more to support giving myself permission to allow the unseen available tools to reach me under grace and in perfect ways. So when I err I don’t fear the outcome because I know that now is the moment I have to sway the end result.

Thank you Almighty ever faithful God for your merciful goodness towards me. For the unconditional love you shroud me with. For the subtle ways you have created tools to met me where I am.

Thank you for creating me in your likeness and image so I am able to shift into plans you hold for me when I choose to participate in my life’s wins.

I choose to trust in you more than the things I see and hear with my natural senses. I permit my unseen attributes to guide me into substituting wholeness for fractional living I’ve been experiencing .

Thank you for allowing your love for me to be a strengthening agent for me to release into and receive from.

Thank you Lord for making me well so I am appreciative of the steady progress these small steps are creating.

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