🤔 Active participant in my life.

I’m moving through life’s changing challenges and victories realizing some of the things experienced I have directly nourished and cultivated. Coming into this moment of awareness and acknowledging my executive role lead to the confirmation “I am a powerful being.” From this place of accepting responsibility for what I have witnessed through the illustration of my life enters the question “Am I an active participant in my living experience?”

I am active in the wholeness of softening to intake information and permit the information to support me so I can allow it to benefit my active engagement. However I do not know if I am always engaged in active living to support the experiences I desire. So in the space of acknowledging my own power and authority to actively engage in fuller participation of my own living experiences I ask myself for forgiveness.

Forgiveness for not always being interested or intentional with or intentional of my rich powerful thoughts. I ask myself for forgiveness because I may not have had the presence of right mind in the past to assert authority over harmful self utterances. Thereby creating an environment within me to be disharmonious with what I say I am here to experience more of – a full dynamic living experience connecting to my wholeness. Boldly expectant of what is for me reaches me under grace and in perfect ways. Singly unified to support myself in healing hearing and heeding my intuition over or versus shrinking before the outward presentation of challenges of any magnitude.

Boldly moving into an active embrace of clarity that comes with usage of truth that nothing is only what I see with my left and right eyeballs. There is more to the presented items there is a vibration that aligns with me right now. Meaning that right now I can and I will connect to the power I have to focus on accepting whatever is for my best and highest expression of my being. I am in the moment of actively engaging in participating in my life and cultivating a fullness experience. I am an active participant in my living experience. From this wellspring of awareness and acknowledgement I am harmoniously engaging in efficient effective use of my power. Supported and supporting out loud how to cultivate nourishing myself through the expansiveness of seen and unseen attributes being unified in this moment. Living actively engaging in my ability to choose to receive benefit from each interaction that is presenting itself. Living aware of engaging myself in generously releasing without prejudice all things that are opposing my ability to deepen my bountiful expansion.

The path we choose to walk illustrates the focus of our heart.
Dr. Claudia Harris

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