The meaning of life?!

The meaning of life is attached to the beliefs we have about life. Life is meant to be a journey. A series of events that we experience and draw information from. The information we draw from being a participant in the event will color and shape what we think and construe life to be. Through sharing with others the experiences of our journey along with the shares of their journey, we confirm our own or soften into the possibility of there being more to get out of the life experience. There is also the idea that our life is outside of those experiences shared and that our life is something of an anomaly. In all cases our belief mixed with the shares of others support our outlook on life and life’s meaning.

From that viewpoint we can acknowledge how we as a society will view inclusion of others’ experiences as important maybe just as important as our own experiences. With this vantage point it can be understood how we have become entangled with having experiences that resemble or match those of the shared events of others. Here is where we begin to misconstrue our purpose with our journey. Here is the place we have the power to choose to continue on our journey in the manner that is centered on us being discoverable to ourselves. Or choose to have our journey emulate those experiences shared with us by others. Although it maybe viewed as a simpler way to move through life emulating the choices and rationale of others when our own experiences seem challenging 😰 it really is not the point of your own journey.

Taking the journey of others does not eliminate your experiences and does not stop the purpose you are called to during this journey … your journey. It is helpful to remember that in the recognition of our uniqueness we are the same. We are here with similar and unique features that help us see, move and be with ease. Creating and disassembling with our inner voice working to support us in being encouraged in our authentic form. Hereby gaining more meaningful experiences on our journey thru life and adding more meaningful shares for others on the journey thru their own lives. Be bold in the events of your living experiences. Listen to the shares as they can be supportive in gaining insight, inspiration, seeing/hearing warning signs to recognize. Don’t abandon you in the challenges of an experience. Offer yourself kindness that sponsors softening into your solution that is already awaiting you. Love yourself enough to live this experience more aware of your own unique awesome that will inspire you, which in turn inspires others.

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