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November 10th Event

Welcome to our 6th in person event! This time around we will be joined by Chernise Spruell, Joule L’Adara & Rabi! Our theme will be “The Process.” We are looking to meet everyone where they are on their journey. Whether they are in the beginning of their process, in the throes of the process or […]

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Whatever mountain you are facing today know that you are always supported even when you may not feel that way, you are loved more than you know and you are not ever alone. Reach out to another if you feel like the mountain that is before you is too big to climb alone. Humans were […]

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Forgiveness: Compliance

Forgiveness says let go of the emotions felt the moment the offense occurred. Forgiveness says release yourself from holding space and memory of the offense so you can release yourself from nourishing those injured parts to remain injured. Forgiveness says trust again, love again, believe in the good of others, hope again and live unafraid. […]

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The latest Ascension Note by Kara Demonet: “The 2018 Equinox: As we move through the Equinox, we are called to demonstrate being in the New. In the old, we reacted in fear, judgment, anger and all things of being emotionally insecure. In the New, we maintain our neutrality. We are Compassionate Observers, detached from taking […]

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Let us honor on this day all those who acted in love for their fellow humans that needed a helping hand, those who showed bravery, courage and selflessness through countless acts of heroism from the initial moments through the days, months and years since 2001. Many of those who gave up their last moments to […]

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Seasons of change

These days are the in between days when it still feels like summer even though the calendar tells us that we just said goodbye to the summer season during the Labor Day holiday. That in between feeling is also where we are astrologically. If you follow astrology or even dabble in it a little I […]

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