As we approach the upcoming super/blue full moon next week and begin to feel the effects of the eclipse season, the energies can feel a little intense and have a sense of finality to them. Just remember that as we let go we make room for the new, so even though it may be an […]

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What does our heart have to say? If your heart has been silenced for so long how can you recognize her voice when she is calling out to you? Does she speak softly at first to see if you are paying attention? Does she speak in a way that could be viewed as timid, although […]

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We live in a society which is obsessively pre-occupied with pain and how to get out of it in the quickest possible way. I know how uncomfortable pain can be on all levels: physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. But have you ever thought of why we experience pain and what we can learn from it? […]

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We wanted to share our post from a year ago…. When you are in a space of openness and allowing, messages and greater awareness can come through at any moment of your day. And many times when you least expect it. As you commit and re-commit to allowing and make the moment to moment choice […]

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New Year Intentions

As we continue focusing on our intentions for the new year, on the eve of the winter solstice, we would like to discuss the verbiage you use when setting the intentions. The words you choose are very important because as we have discussed before on this Blog, words have weight to them, so when you […]

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New moon

Today is the last New Moon of 2017 in the sign of Sagittarius. As we approach the winter solstice later this week we have the potent energies around us that will assist in setting our intentions for the new moon and the new year. Begin by reflecting on the year up until this point and […]

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