The word commitment has been weaving its way through many of my conversations lately…once a word that I would mostly equate to images of marriage and romantic relationships, now was being posed as a question of committing to one’s self. As in how are you showing up for yourself on a daily basis? Commitment to […]

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I wrote this post on August 1st last year and it is just as relevant today. 8/1 is a significant date here at Beautiful blog as it is the anniversary of when we first went live with our first website on August 1st 2011. As we just passed our 7th anniversary we would like to […]

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I’ve invested my time and my energy into being approachable so others can feel at ease going through their “stuff” and enlisting me. I have given up some free time, some down time and some just for me time so I could make time for being a support when others believed they needed it. Over […]

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“Let your attention go to the heart. The power in your heart is capable of shifting Mother Earth out of fear. You are awakening the power in your heart by letting your attention flow into it. Just let the attention flow into the heart. ” @AskDivineMother #heart #miraclemindset #mastermanifestor #healing #support #faith #innerpeace #abundance #joy […]

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Our focus in this moment is on temper. As a noun temper refers to one’s state of mind in terms of being angry or calm. As a verb temper refers to the neutralizing or counterbalancing force of something. If we add an ending to the word to get temperance we learn it is referring to […]

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BeautifulBlog Etsy Store

We have created our space on Etsy as another way to support you on your journey through the energetic assistance of semi-precious and precious stones. You are able to co-create and customize your very own Divine energetic wrist and ankle pieces to support your present day journey. We also provide already created pieces that support […]

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Moment to moment

It is your choice how you will react in each moment of your life. The moments can be opportunities for growth, stretching, generosity, sharing, kindness, open heartedness, joy-filled… the choices are limitless if you allow them to be. #mindfulness #joyfilled #opportunity #joy #laughter #dreamchasers #womensupportingwomen #support #balance #grace #moments #life #miracles #miraclemindset #hope

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