Power is a complex topic that has many layers to it. So often it is a word that can be charged with so much negative energy. When we think of those who wield their power over another, therefore leaving one side powerful and the other powerless. But how often do you think of power in […]

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God’s Love

Can you see the rainbow in this image? The subtle things of God are always here, with and among us. Let us be awake, aware and deliberate. To seeing these and other illustrations of God’s Love for all of us. Thank you Lord for your boundless mercies toward me. Please give me the tenacity to […]

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Amber Crazy lace agate Obsidian Fancy Jasper Tigers Eye Art credit @wemoonofficial #strength #strengthening #healing #healingcrystals #amber #tigerseye #obsidian #agate #jasper

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Love is always the answer. Rose Quartz Garnet Emerald Art credit: 1st pic- Dr Claudia Harris 2nd pic- @wemoonofficial #love #rose #rosequartz #garnet #emerald #power #strength #courage #courageous

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Stones focused on and deliver to us action- pyrite and lapis lazuli. If you choose these please be ready they will cause you to act. Artwork @wemoonofficial #healing #healingcrystals #lapislazuli #pyrite #support #health #spiritualhealing #action #power #empowered #speakhealth #intentionalliving

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As we approach the upcoming super/blue full moon next week and begin to feel the effects of the eclipse season, the energies can feel a little intense and have a sense of finality to them. Just remember that as we let go we make room for the new, so even though it may be an […]

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What does our heart have to say? If your heart has been silenced for so long how can you recognize her voice when she is calling out to you? Does she speak softly at first to see if you are paying attention? Does she speak in a way that could be viewed as timid, although […]

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