The space to cultivate a miraculous life The space to breathe The space to live your life The space to BE The space for lusciousness to drip from every corner of your world The space to thrive The space LOVE The space to be magnificent The space to radiate Divine Love The space for life […]

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Tomorrow is the New Moon in Virgo and the Autumn Equinox is on the 22nd. As we navigate these lunar and astrological happenings, emotions may be heightened in their intensity and we may feel more sensitive to the energy around us. At times like this call on the tools that you have learned about; it […]

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Let us honor on this day all those who acted in love for their fellow humans that needed a helping hand, those who showed bravery, courage and selflessness through countless acts of heroism from the initial moments and through the days, months and years since 2001. Many of those who gave up their last moments […]

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Break Command

As we walk through our days we are presented with different experiences that are offering us the options to shift our perspective in a situation or scenario that we see repeatedly playing out in our lives. We are being asked how will you handle it this time? Will you keep repeating the same patterns of […]

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Solar Eclipse

Repost @law_of_positivism ・・・ Eclipses are so much more powerful than regular New and Full Moons. We have the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo, being the second Leo New Moon within a month, at 2:30 PM (EDT). At the time of the eclipse, some of you in North America will see how the Sun darkens […]

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Dreaming of a day…when we stand for what we know deep withinAligned with our truth, our strength, our powerOur actions, words and deeds all coming from the Truth that lies withinThe depths of which are beyond our wildest dreamsOur intuitive center being honoredReminds me of the galactic core of the galaxiesReminding me that we are […]

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