Take a moment and encourage one another as you move through your day. We do not know that which another is going through. Your smile may turn around another persons day and give them hope that this life is worth living. I know it’s not easy when we encounter challenging predicaments and humans throughout our […]

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Thank you for supporting the beautiful blog community. Kathryn is wearing our AWAKE shirt created by @embrace_tees. Each participant was gifted one of these tees at our event this past weekend held @reflectionsyoga in gratitude for their support of our work and to remind them to be awake as they continue their walk. If you […]

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As we approach our 5th Beautiful Blog event we have begun to reflect on all that we have experienced through this journey since 2011. Our hearts are filled with gratitude for the community that our Blog has created. And of course, none of this would be possible with out all of you choosing to be […]

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May 12th event

Beautiful ladies- Come join us in NYC @ Reflections, Center for Conscious Living and Yoga on May 12th for our Awake event. Awake is an energy force that insists on action and engagement, that is on purpose and deliberate, not passive. We are going to take this awake energy and put it into practice. We […]

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Hope. It stares at me. It gnaws at me. And most of all it scares me. This journey back into the heart can be a difficult one if you have as much trepidation and fear as I do. What if you dare to hope and it all comes tumbling down? Isn’t that how I got […]

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New Aries Moon

“Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. This is the birth, the awakening. The sparked match that starts a bonfire. Warm yourself in the toasty flames of your brilliant visions. The past weeks have been combative. Can you orient yourself toward inspiration instead? Plant seeds around the actions you’ll take, the creations you’ll make, […]

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Personal Power

The choice of how we use our Power is illustrated in a myriad of ways when communicating with yourself and others. In regards to the manner in which a conversation is held, in a glance given or received. The words that you chose to speak to yourself, the placement of those words and the tone […]

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