Our focus in this moment is on temper.

As a noun temper refers to one’s state of mind in terms of being angry or calm.

As a verb temper refers to the neutralizing or counterbalancing force of something. If we add an ending to the word to get temperance we learn it is referring to restraint – the modification of thought actions and feelings.

Often times I ask God to temper me to put the words in my mouth when dealing with other people. I have learned from frequently requesting this to use the wisdom acquired to temper myself in situations of passion or in situations of confusion. Using the word(s)or just being aware of the various meanings of the word can be a service to us as we look to being more purpose driven, more effective, more deliberate with the use of our words, thoughts, actions and interactions.

Temperance is necessary in so many areas of  our lives…dream building, dream chasing, effective communication, active listening, faith building,changing patterns of behavior, affecting change and the list goes on. So it is a very wise practice to incorporate temperance in our daily lives. It is similar to the gift that keeps giving.

The use of temperance promotes a wider scope of how we view the world around us and well as the world we have built in our inner circle. To use the verb definition of temper could prove most helpful when dealing with heated topics at home or close family members that would previously cause an argument with no agreed upon solution. The same version of the word temper is useful when handling negative self talk that would otherwise cause self doubt or even the slightest devaluing of ourselves. It will also provide us with an openness to share with others information or life experience(s) because we are now more sure in our ability to deliver the message.

Hope this helped Ladies. Have a beautiful week

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