Our upcoming year: As we prepare…

We have been working independently and collectively on uncovering our places of internal conflict. Finding language for the things that help us stay in cyclic patterns of behavior to activate our ability to shift. Working our free will to constantly embrace the notion of broadening perception perspective and schema.  Softening to the idea that being able to view things from another vantage point will increase our flexibility thereby opening options to us. Having more options we can access a fuller experience of life should we choose to. 

Those of us with spiritual inclinations have been working on incorporating the fact that we are spirit first.  Using tools to support expansion in the heart space to live boldly from the heart space and experience a fuller life. Those of us that are religion based have been working on exercising faith and strengthening trust in the Supreme Being. Those of us that follow the energy portals or chakras are working on maintaining balance and correct spin. Those of us who believe in ourselves are working in tandem with universal laws. Those of us that are somewhere in between these are working to coordinate the ideologies into practice. All of us are prepping for something moving us toward the next phase of our lives. The universe is in complete agreement with these moves.  

The full moon this upcoming November 12, 2019 in Taurus ushers in energies and vibrations speaking to laying foundation and actualizing dreams committed to. This moon on Tuesday has energy to assist achieving long -term goals. This can be helpful in setting ourselves up for focused purpose driven living releasing ourselves from practices or situations that prevent actualization of that.  The universe is our cheerleader giving out energy to rouse us to initiate the steps needed to be in the flow of prosperity insured. Assisting us in vibration, in spirit, in body, in communication, in presentation as long as we are committed to the dream/the release/ the shift in perspective perception schema. What a wonderful segue into the new year of 2020.

2020 is about ascension bringing awareness to our spiritual form. As the Earth is pulsing with these powerful streaming energies we will be receiving and more receptive to the raising of our own vibrations. We will be questioning more things and authenticity of things present. There will be a deepening in our desire to blend harmoniously with the spirit within and our physical self. Being more aware of our ability to manifest our reality using the fact that we are spiritual beings. Here is where we will raise vibrations with our own spiritual discoveries of our authentic selves. Allowing for the diminishing of old default mechanisms/routines and weight bearing lower vibrations. Permitting elevation of thought rational and lifting of vibrations planetary, societal and individual.


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