Everyone of Us can

Today was a day to act based on the remembrance of Dr.Martin Luther King. We all served in some capacity I pray that we will continue to act boldly doing our best in the luxurious moment called NOW💕
Remember to keep on moving don’t stop. Stagnation is not a foundation of being for any with breath in the body 💣

One reply to “Everyone of Us can

  1. BeautifulBlog friends,
    Grateful to you for these words on this auspicious day of service, we remember and reflect on the work… Rev Dr MLK Jr and others that walked before – the fight continues.

    And as we warrior on, we must stop at times to go inward – to isolate simply to recharge – to pause – to rest – perhaps actively or mindfully taking breaks, to prevent a breakdown – when the body SCREAMS, it’s telling you, “sweetheart, it’s too much”…

    Breathe and remember as Audre Lorde said, Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation and that is an act of political warfare.

    Sending loving light on this first FULL MOON of 2022 – wind howling like the WOLF MOON …

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