The word commitment has been weaving its way through many of my conversations lately…once a word that I would mostly equate to images of marriage and romantic relationships, now was being posed as a question of committing to one’s self. As in how are you showing up for yourself on a daily basis?

Commitment to self means being willing to take on the obligation and responsibility of aligning yourself with your highest good. For each of us this commitment may show up differently, but the practice of committing to ourselves all begins at the same point…a beautiful place to live from. How awesome and empowering it is to pledge to be there for yourself and give to you what you want and need. How perfectly reaffirming it is to commit to getting your body’s necessary hours of sleep so you wake up feeling and looking rested, instead of worn. How uplifting when you realign yourself with a once put aside goal that is now coming to fruition, because you committed to it.

Commitment is an essential part of living although the same is not true for existing. Living is an act that will ebb and flow by experiencing different situations, through your mental acuity, emotional maturity, spiritual knowledge, perception of self and your surrounding environment.

By committing to bettering yourself mentally, your perspective will expand and broaden through new experiences. This will open you up to new people, ideas, environments, music, dance, foods and will resonate throughout your life and indirectly impact those in your world by your renewed commitment.

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