What the breath brought up…

The past two weeks on Beautiful Blog’s prayer calls we have been doing breath work.  The work has been to inhale deeper than our automatic inhales. As we committed to the work things were brought up in ourselves and clarity around our participation with life. We found and are still finding information that supports our best and highest good in many areas of our lives.

Beautiful Blog by extension has received some information to support the best and highest good of our community. The topics that have come forward so far are:

  1. Blind spots
  2. The new energies entering for the year
  3. Resistance to forgiveness

More will come as they do… right now this is what is on deck.

We would like to encourage you to take deeper inhales as you go through the course of our day. You don’t have to exhale all the oxygen out again. Just the bringing your attention to taking a deeper inhale will support your efforts. The cells will get the extra boost oxygen brings. You may find at first you feel “wonky” this means you are on the right path. However if you are inhaling deeper and do not feel “wonky” you are fine. Pulling more oxygen into your body will support clarity of function, clarity of thought, and release tension. It also aids in participation in the NOW… That right there is the best part in our opinion. Bringing your conscientiousness to participating right now in this moment of right now. Opposed to twenty minutes from now when the shift ends, when you make the call in thirty minutes or what the weather will be this weekend and where ever else we go in the future or in the past.

It will be a pleasure to hear your findings on the experience of taking deeper inhales. 1.jpg

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