How well do you receive?

How well do you receive? Have you ever thought about it? Are you one of the first people to GIVE, but when it comes to receiving you push another’s giving away? We do this through numerous ways and for many different reasons. A few reasons that come to mind are feelings of wanting to be INdependent instead of realizing we are all INTERdependent upon one another and also not wanting to be a “burden” on another person. How do you think your heart feels when you are in need of help and you still will not receive it? How does the GIVER feel when you have rejected what they are offering?

Think of all the countless ways today that you were offered:


And how did you receive it?
Did you block it? If so, is the underlying cause that you do not feel you are worthy or valuable enough to receive what is being offered?
Where in our lives can we soften into receiving from another?

When we do not receive with an open heart we are blocking our blessings and sending out the vibration that we are not open to receive our Abundance. At this time there are lingering universal energies from the eclipses that will support us in remembering times past when we have not been able to receive. We are being given the opportunity to look at the memories and decide if we will discard or keep them. These cover our behavior, our perspective and our perception. If we only give, we need to understand we are putting ourself in a place of disharmonious existence. There is no balance to allow fluid harmonious existence. We need to participate in both giving and receiving. This allows for harmonious dwelling with balance. It reinforces our own abilities spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, as well as our humanity.70916101-0AD6-4DCE-8AAB-97B66D7BB460

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