Let’s use the Universe as a tool

I do not know how familiar we are as a society of human beings about thee enormous amount of tools we have at our disposal. The colors within the environment we find ourselves in. The sounds that give vibrations an amplifier. The planets and stars in their courses that support progress embracing harmonious exchange between seen matter and unseen matter. So that we have colors, sounds and the Universe as a tool to support us in wholeness at our disposal. That’s an impressive breadth of tools! ( And that’s not even half of the tools we have at our disposal)🤓🤩😎

Full moon in Scorpio is what we have at our disposal as a collective on the planet Earth. It is one the “Super Moons”. Super moons come closer to the Earth bringing an intense gravitational pull on the Earth. They also act as amplifiers to the support base to which they are aligned with🔊!!!!

Back to this awesome tool and gift for healing more thoroughly to support our wholeness and broadening of a fuller life experience. Full moon in Scorpio in the astrological sun sign of Taurus🎶❤️🎊🌞.

The moon will be full in Scorpio on April 26th at 11:32 p.m., ET. It is coupled with a Taurus stellium (a fancy way of saying three or more planets will be in one sign). This moon will pack an energetic punch to break up some old dense energies that have become stagnant somewhere within you and your life. If we stay mindful that these energies are guiding us back to our power and beckoning us back to ourselves we may be able to have a more easeful and graceful integration of these energies. Self worth, self love and old wounding (shadow) will be center stage for this lunar affair. Remember to breathe, use your tools and ground your energy in nature 💖

We also have Pluto going retrograde this week on April 27 and ends on October 6. As with all retrogrades it provides us with opportunities to review places and spaces in our lives that could use a closer look🧐 at what is working and what we like to change. Retrograde gives us a chance to dig deeper and allow ourselves to release and/or renew and restore certain aspects of being. It is a time that can be rich with growth and expansion. Pluto is a planet of deep transformation and when it is in retro we can use the concentrated focus to look at the behaviors and patterns that we, with our free will, may choose to eliminate in our lives that are blocking us in moving forward in our spiritual evolution.

Where are we holding ourselves back?

Are we overly involved in other people’s lives and decision making process?

Can we refocus and repurpose that energy by seeding into our own lives?

Can we use our energy and time to better help ourselves evolve?

Where is our focused gaze fixed upon?

How are we investing our time and energy throughout the moments of each day?

Is it helping us move forward or keeping us stagnant in repetitive cycles of discord and misalignment with ourselves?

Enjoy the gifts the tools afford us. Use them responsibly and be bold💣

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