More than

I AM more than the crown of my head to the soles of my feet.

I AM more than the reflection of myself found in this mirror. I am more than the terrors that would have me to lay prostrate on the bottom of a 120ft well floor.

I am more than the lingerings of self loathing that show up in the insidious layering of doubt which look to prevent me from following through on what is for my best and highest good.

I AM MORE THAN ALL IMAGES and THOUGHTS that look to align me with consistent persistent ways to realign and reassign myself to insufficiency and lack!!!

I am more than someone’s well wishes for me as they consistently speak words of loss to support camouflaged acts of attrition regarding their actual feeling and visuals for me to be have live .

I am more than tomorrow and a distant future of happier days in some far off time to come.

I am here right NOW. I Am WHATEVER I GIVE MYSELF PERMISSION TO BE HAVE LIVE🤩😎💋💕🎉🎊🥳✨✔️. Feeding myself consistently using my committed conviction to explore expand my perspective

my perception

my schema

into the bountiful bliss I choose to experience without apology while


ALL THINGS which DO NOT 💗✨Resonate✨💗 with the unconditional love that shrouds me deliberately!

Yes. Yes. Yes…. I AM ALL FOR THAT! 🎙

2 replies to “More than

  1. This reads like a song – a warrior song with the sounds of drums… and I’m reminded to honor my time in the beautiful dark — I don’t fear the darkness — as long as I can recognize the light within … thx Beautiful Blog for this timely reminder on a day we honor my Dad’s 81st trip around El Sol. I’ll quote a part of an India.Arie song:
    I am not the things my family did
    I am not the voices in my head
    I am not the pieces of the brokenness inside
    I am light, I am light…

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