All because

We are often slanted to habits we have that are not promoting our wholeness because of it being a habit. The habit then becomes a preference. Bold and preferred or quiet and calling the shots in the abstract, showing up in the front view of our participation.

We are powerful beings whether we consider this a truth to support our inspiring unfolding of a moment. Or whether these are just some words read and devoid of meaningful connection for us. It is a universal truth that goes beyond the timeline of carnal recognition. We are very much able to see and understand what and how we are reacting or responding. If we are interested in our responses being illustrations of our unified selves harmoniously engaged we can see where we are in our actions : habitual preference or unified engagement of carnal us with spiritual us.

Softening to support our improved use of spiritual truths gives us permission to advance into allowing the power, authority and inner peace within to be embraced throughout our physical experience. All because we are these powerful beings made in the image and likeness of the Almighty we can move past habits no matter how many decades we have sat in them.

All because we do have unseen attributes that make our carnal lives applicable to how we move with these unseen and very viable sources of shift; we are able to move from habitual preference to what is for our best and highest good. Best and highest good being that which is in alignment with what is supporting our wholeness and not our best carnal conscious justified expressions of living by solely or mostly. All because we can choose to deliberately and repeatedly commit to include breaking habitual preferences for our own personal and collective healing evolution. To commit in actions and thoughts to inquire about our engagement of spiritual aspects. This brings about to experience of being steady and easeful. We can support the improved use of our right mind, a gift from the Almighty, that we can live into more because of a force that supports up leveling shifts. Creating more opportunities (recognizable and not so recognizable) for recovery, renewal, rest and inclusion into what will be and has always been for our best and highest good.

Image courtesy of Dr.Harris for Beautiful Blog.

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