How are you?

How are you doing?

How did you read that? What did you get as a response?

Was like a drop in a deep well that has not landed yet?

Did reading those words find you lit up inside and bubbling with expectancy of the wondrous now?

Have those words brought you in touch with the spiritual part of your nature… the creator and the destroyer?

Did it bring your awareness to the clarity you experience with each inhale? Or the release you participate in with each exhale?

How are you doing?

Can you see your wholeness… your creative and destroyer self in the spirit with your physical presence? In this visual do you see or feel yourself harmoniously blended spiritually and physically? How are you?

I am seeing you as I am seeing myself…Well❤️

I am seeing you as I am seeing myself expansive because of the breath I take in awareness and release with appreciation for the automatic reset that is happening each time. Each time of inhaling and exhaling we are converging our spiritual being and our physical nature together in a blended form.

How are you?

Rich with possibly to interact with our innate power to lead with our infinite spirit using the spiritual heart or lead with our finite physical nature using the brain or support the blending we just lived into and lead with inner peace knowing we are essentially well.

I am seeing you well as I am well because the absolute truth of who we are is found in the acknowledgment of our being spirit first supporting the flesh exterior.

So when you read these words or hear them being sent your way you can permit yourself to respond to this question based on the gift of a new moment….acknowledging more of your wholeness. Supporting the truth that nothing external defines you.

How are you?

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